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At the top of the photo is Fay Baird, who sings and plays banjo and guitar. She lives in Florida.

In the middle of the photo is Kate Seeger, who sings and plays guitar and autoharp. She lives in Massachusetts.

At the bottom is Kim Wallach, who sings, writes songs, and plays guitar and banjo. She lives in New Hampshire.

We met and got started performing when we all lived closer to each other in the Boston area. We've drifted a bit geographically, but we've stuck together as a trio since 1979, which makes us one of the longest-standing folk groups in North America. (Short Sisters, Long Standing.)

Some thoughts on our music:

"We choose songs for their content and potential for gorgeousness of sound, for unexpectedness in the harmonies."

Fay:"When we have a successful arrangement, the sound of our voices is a blend that defies description. It's like something solid that you can reach out and touch, with strength and permanence to it."

Kate:"We don't sing a song that's become tired, we only sing material we're excited about that night."

photo credit: Susan Wilson

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Here are a few of the places we've played. This is only a partial listing; we have played in dozens of places since 1979. Back to the Short Sisters homepage