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The Short Sisters: Downsized

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Love and Transportation, 2002 What do these two things have in common? Find out in this recording!
Track list: See That Train, Waldo, Ticonderoga, My Friend Sharon, Prodigal Son, Honey in the Rock, Africa, The Other Shore, Hold Back the Waters, Roll the Woodpile Down, The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore, The Burning of Auchindoon, New Amsterdam, Endless Flight, Swervin' in My Lane, Rock Salt and Nails, A Question of Tempo, Waiting
the Short Sisters: Love and Transportation
Live from Four States, 1995. Recorded at coffeehouses in Massachusetts, Florida and Pennsylvania and a studio in Vermont (yes, that's four states).
Track list: Shadrack, Childe Harolde/Smetena/Nero's Expedition, Space Girl's Song, Abelard and Heloise, Christmas Song, When Truth Gets in the Way of Love, Liar Alone, Blizzard of Lies, Step Stone, Mae Francis, Salem, Ten Pound Radio, Tiny Fish for Japan, Dear Okie, Bonnie Light Horseman, Goodnight.
A Planet Dancing Slow, 1991. A "holiday season" favorite with our fans; songs about seasons and changes.
Track list: Smoke in the Air, Moses, Plane Wreck at Los Gatos, Autumn, Left in the Lurch, My Candles, Straw Against the Chill, Snow Snow, Round and Round, Turning Toward the Morning, More Wood, Queer Bird, Reign of the Fair Maid, The Calendar, John of Dreams.
A Little Gracefulness, 1987. Re-released on CD in 1999.
Track list: Home Dearie Home, Fosters Mill, COFFEE, Diners, Ten and Nine, The King's Shilling, Planter's Bar, Boardwalk Waltz, Winnebacome/Winnebago, Horse's Feet, World Unknown, Three Rounds, Schoolday's Over, Walls and Windows, A Little Gracefulness.

Listen to a sample of Foster's Mill

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