Here are some nice remarks that people who have heard us have made. Contributions to this list are welcome: just
A Long-Lost Fan in Connecticut in a March, 2015 change-of-address email
"...I just received a postcard from you that was mailed to my old address. I was very happy to hear that you are still performing, as I loved your perfect harmonies and clever lyrics when you appeared in Stamford... We would love to see you perform again when you return to our...area."

Two Rhode Island Fans, in a November, 2009 email
"...I have to say that I think technically your voices are perfect but it is also the way you are sensitive and interactive with each other makes me feel I've arrived at the pearly gates!"

Mike Joyce, Washington Post, 18 March 2007
By far the most polished and affecting vocal blend was produced by the Short Sisters, a group that includes Kate Seeger, niece of Pete, Peggy and Mike. (Keeping track of family names and ties could give Tolstoy a headache.) The ensemble's splendid harmonies more than compensated for a few microphone glitches during the concert, and like their elders, the women conveyed abiding affection for songs that possess lasting power and charm.

Walter McKenzie, White Springs Folk Club 2/26/06
"This audience, sprinkled with other musicians, performers and with many long time "veterans" of the Florida Folk Festival, had high expectations and the Short Sisters surpassed them with their exuberant performance, full of crystal clarity and perfect harmony. This group's knowledge and reverence for the tradition and heritage behind many of the songs they sing adds a dimension to their performance that is all to rare a treat on today's music scene. On top of that, their original compositions are of a high quality and similar style that makes them comfortable fit in a set list full of classics. The Short Sisters drew the audience into their performance with style, grace and a sense of fun that left us all smiling, laughing, and yes, even singing, all for the pure joy of it!"

Victor K. Heyman, Vic's Music Corner:
". . .their harmonies are extraordinary, especially on rounds and a capella numbers. They convey good humor and sensitivity to their music and audiences. And the music comes from everywhere: traditional, Tom Gala, Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl, Kim Wallach, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Stan Rogers and many more....The combination of traditional, self-written and selection of other songwriters works . . . a first class show."

Bob Blackman, Off the Beaten Track, Singout Vol. 40 #3 95-96:
"I first heard the Short Sisters on a rainy Saturday morning at the 1990 Old Songs Festival in New York. I still remember how their wonderful harmonies and delightful songs completely erased the weather-related gloom I felt."

KF, Andy's Front Hall Catalog reviews "Live from Four States":
"Wildly diverse selection of folksongs. . .something here for everyone. . .superb harmonizing. . .by turns entertaining, amusing or moving or all at once. . . and it's due to the creativity, personality and wonderful voices of the Short Sisters."

Stavros Moschopoulos, FAO Casa Gazette
"Do you like harmoniously stunning harmonies and wonderfully unusual rounds that twist the right side of the brain while entertaining the left side? Then you need to get a good dose of the Short Sisters.. These three women together have the vocal power and beauty of a choir. A true MUST!!!"

Linda Lisenbarth, The Listening Series, Long Island Traditional Music Association
"I begged for this group ever since I listened to their tape. The harmonies and rounds are fantastic. The real test is whether my two sons (ages 9 and 5) will ho-hum or ask to play a tape again. Well, The Short Sisters tapes are awarded a "two sons up". If asked and bribed my sons can even sing their favorite song Blizzard of Lies...I promise you an evening of singing traditional tunes and joyful listening to close harmonies."

Max Ferguson, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
"Their recordings are packed with great musical moments, and I'll be pleased to make frequent use of them on my radio program."

Dick Pleasants, WGBH Boston:
"Their harmonies are magnificent, their choice of material is refreshing, and I think you'll enjoy listening to these three short but powerful singers...It's wonderful when friends can make good music together."

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